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Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Tulips | Tutorial

Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Tulips | Tutorial

Last year I read a book called 'Artists Way' by Julia Cameron and was introduced to the idea of Artists' dates. What it means is that, once a week, we make a solo trip. It doesn't have to be far or expensive. It could be a scenic walk or a trip to a local art gallery. It is a time for you to bond with the and the artist in you.

During an Artists' date, we should try to keep all our negative thoughts at bay and indulge in positive feelings about our dreams, aspirations, and plans.. and miraculously, new ideas make their way to our minds. I certainly feel energised and inspired after my artists' date.

If you haven't tried it - I highly recommend it.

One such Artists date was to a Tulips field near my home. If you are following me on social media, you would have seen a thousand pics I posted on insta :)

If you missed it, here's one for you 👇 

I was amazed at the gorgeousness of these flowers, stretching before my eyes like a sea of pink, yellow, red, and purple. It was indeed a sight to behold.

Later when I was back home, I tried to paint them in Buttercream, and I wanted to share a small process video I filmed for you. It is suitable for beginners ❤️ 

All you need - Tray to paint, Signature Buttercream (or any stable buttercream), Palette knives



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