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Piped Cherry Blossoms Cake

We will learn how to decorate a gorgeous two tier cake with buttercream piped Cherry blossoms in this free flowing pattern. We will learn about the nozzles to use for blossoms, piping filler flowers, leaves and how to pipe these all effortlessly on to the side of a cake.

Palette Knife Painted Florals

We will learn how to decorate a gorgeous cake adorned with buttercream painted two tone florals. We will learn how to prepare our palette for painting, which palette knives to use, how to pick up the buttercream for painting, and how to apply smooth petals on the cake.

Improve Cake Sales Instantly

We will discuss on how to Get noticed as a Cake Artist and how to Set yourself apart from the crowd of Cake Artists. All resulting in Dream Customers who pays your worth and happily orders cakes from you. More sales, More money meaning More freedom as a Cake Artist.

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Whether you are a complete beginner in cake decorating looking to learn buttercream art or you are an experienced sugar crafter ready to scale things further or you are a hobby baker with a dream to start your own cake business!

Wherever you are now in your cake journey – I want to tell you that ‘You can Absolutely Master the Art of Buttercream Cake Decorating!’

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