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Online Cake Baking & Cake Decorating School

Cake Baking | Buttercream Cake Decorating | Chocolate Cream Cake Decorating 

Palette Knife Painted Cake

Online Cake Baking & Cake Decorating School

Cake Baking | Buttercream Cake Decorating | Chocolate Cream Cake Decorating 

Imagine if you could...

Perfectly Bake Cakes and Cupcakes - no more Cake Fails

Make Not too Sweet, Stable, Vegetarian Buttercream - Learn our multi-award winning Buttercream Recipe.

Cover a Cake Smooth and Flawless - No more air holes or imperfections on Cakes

✅ Create Tiered Cakes Designs - Design Cakes for Special Occasions 

Confidently Pipe Buttercream Flowers on Cakes Create Buttercream Floral Cakes

Paint with Palette Knife using Buttercream & Chocolate Cream

Decorate Cakes Easily like a Pro - be successful in Cake Baking & Cake Art

✅ Create Signature Cakes with unique style amaze your customers and family alike.

Buttercream Petals - Online Cake Decorating School
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Buttercream Petals - Online Cake Decorating School

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I'm Neetha.

A cake artist, writer and teacher dedicated in helping you become the amazing Cake Artist that you are meant to be!

From our Award Winning Cake and Buttercream Recipes to Buttercream Flower Piping, Buttercream Palette Knife Painting, Buttercream Stained Glass techniques, Chocolate Painting Art and Cake Business Coaching… Let me share with you everything I know in this site, ‘step by step’, so you can create Signature Flower Buttercream Cakes that will stand out from the crowd!

"Welcome to my artsy buttery world! To have you here is my greatest happiness!"

Neetha Syam - Buttercream Petals
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Awards & Features


Neetha is a Cake International Winner, Birmingham 2017 for tasted cake category
Neetha is a Salon Culinaire Winner, Birmingham for tasted cake category
Featured in Cake Masters
Featured in Cake Masters
Featured in Cake Decorating Heaven

Awards & Features


"I love Buttercream Petals Online School as it means I can learn at my own pace and fit around my kids and life. The videos are easy to follow and I’ve picked up so many new-found techniques as well as the amazing buttercream recipes which enables me to pipe & paint some beautiful blooms. Neetha is only ever a message away and is very supportive."

Lorraine Lockwood, UK

Buttercream Petals Masterclass Student
Buttercream Petals Masterclass Student

"Piping flowers and covering the cake with buttercream is so much easier with Signature Buttercream recipe! It is by far the best buttercream recipe I have ever tried! The online classes are so elaborate that Neetha makes sure no details are missed out! Neetha is also so quick to respond and support me throughout this learning process.  Highly recommend the Online School."

Preeti Amit, India 

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Science of Baking Course




Learn the perfect Cake Baking techniques to get flat topped moist cakes and cupcakes every single time.  Learn our Award winning cake recipes and techniques to perfect Sponge cakes and Cupcakes.

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Buttercream Petals Masterclass




Learn to make Award Winning Signature Buttercream Recipe & Classic Buttercream Recipes. Learn the basics of Buttercream Flower piping, Preparing Piping Bags, Buttercream Colouring, Cake Preparation including Tiering Cakes, Crumb Coating, Covering Cakes and over 10 Cake Design Projects with lifetime access & support


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Chocolate Painting Masterclass




Learn to temper Couverture Chocolate or work with Compound Chocolate and turn it in to the delicious Chocolate Cream perfect for covering the cake and painting a variety of Sculptural blooms using just Palette Knives.

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Transform Your Cakes like our Students 


Student Works within Days of Enrolling in the Online School

Buttercream Petals Student Work
Buttercream Petals Student Work
Buttercream Petals Student Work
Buttercream Petals Student Work
Buttercream Petals Student Work
Buttercream Petals Student Work

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Buttercream Petals Blogs

Most Popular Cake Decoration

This particular 'Hydrangea Cake' design was posted on my Instagram profile a few months back and I am truly shocked by the love it has received. It is one of my most played reels with over 1.6 million views 😮 I am speechless!

Most Popular Recipe

Here's my Pistachio Rose Sponge Cake Recipe.

This gorgeous cake not only tastes great but smells divine too! The aroma of the dried rose petals with the nutty flavour of pistachio works wonders in this delicate Pistachio-Rose Sponge Cake! Hands down, this is one of my favourite Cake Recipes of all time!

Most Popular on Youtube

Covering a dummy cake with Buttercream is not the easiest if you don't know the exact steps. I am detailing the process in this video- check it out

Buttercream Petals' Book

Published by Search Press

Learn how to create a multitude of flowers (Piped & Painted) and decorate ten glorious cakes. 

Buttercream Petals Book is available worldwide in all major bookstores and Amazon. 


Buttercream Petals Book
Buttercream Petals Book
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Little Petals

Being the Change...

Introducing Little Petals...

We, at Buttercream Petals, believe in being the change that we would want to see in this world.

We support the educational needs of children, domestically & abroad, as monthly contributions towards their school/college fees, funding for food, and accommodation charges. 

Since 2016, 10% of Buttercream Petals profits go to 'Little Petals' fund.

Our vision and hope is that as Buttercream Petals grows, Little Petals grows as well, enabling us to provide support to more children in need. 

It all starts with you, Thank you for being here :)

Team Buttercream Petals