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I am Neetha.

A cake artist, writer, and teacher dedicated in helping you become the amazing Cake Artist that you are meant to be!

From our Award winning Cake and buttercream recipes to flower piping, palette knife painting, stained glass techniques and Chocolate Art… Let me share with you everything I know here, ‘step by step,’ so you can create your own signature buttercream cakes that will stand out from the crowd!

"Welcome to my artsy buttery world! To have you here is my greatest happiness!"

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Indulekha Menon

"From a hobby baker to someone who could realise her dream and start her own Cake Business, it is all coz of Neetha. Buttercream Petals Online School is all you need to be a pro. Each and every session in the Online School is planned in such a way that it considered all the queries one can have. Neetha is such a patient and conscientious person who really takes the time to make sure you understand what you are doing and you get the techniques right."