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Buttercream Palette Knife Painting Sunflowers | Mini Tutorial

Hello :)

Here is a Mini Tutorial on Buttercream Palette Knife Painting - Sunflowers.

I remember when I first saw this technique of buttercream palette knife painting, I was overcome by this eagerness to try it out. I got my coloured buttercream, a set of new palette knives and of course, I tried to paint the most difficult flower first - A Rose! Not to mention, the utter disappointment I felt as I stared at this painted flower that didn’t even remotely resemble a rose.

It is only when I started teaching cake decorating art in our Online School, I understood the way we learn things. Just how we learn alphabets as kids before writing words and sentences.

My students achieved great success by following this pattern of learning. Basics first before we move on to advanced techniques.

In Palette knife painting terms, Sunflowers are the alphabets and Roses are the words.

Hope I have explained well enough the importance of learning to paint a sunflower :)

Here I have a mini tutorial for you on How to paint beautiful sunflowers on a cake.

Volume on in the video, as I have audio descriptions

This is a casual video I recorded on my mobile so it doesn't have the high quality of the Online School videos.

Hope you enjoyed the Buttercream Flower Piping - Mini Tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this design or cake decorating in general, feel free to ask me, email [email protected] :)

Much love,

Neetha x


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