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Buttercream Cake for Christmas - Christmas Tree Cake

Christmas Tree Cake

Here's a simple yet beautiful Idea for Decorating a Christmas Cake. 

With the right set of tools and some basic buttercream piping skills, you can create this stunning looking, unique Buttercream Christmas Tree Cake that will wow your guests and family alike. 

What you'll need;

  • 6 inch Cake 
  • Ice Cream Cone
  • Red Buttercream
  • Green Buttercream
  • Piping Bags
  • Cake Smoother
  • Wilton 233 Grass Nozzle
  • Spinkles of your choice

Watch the video in full first (it's just less than 4mins) and get familiarised with the techniques. Then come back here again after preparing all the materials and do it along with me.

Together, let's create a unique looking tasty treat for Christmas.

Don't forget to email me your cake picture [email protected] I look forward to seeing your cake :)

Neetha x



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