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How to pipe Buttercream Flowers - Mini Tutorial

buttercream flowers piping

Hello :)

Here is a Mini Tutorial on Buttercream Flower Piping.

I have a beautiful TUTORIAL for you today - If you are feeling like to try a bit of flower piping with buttercream – simple flowers, roses and leaves – Watch this short YouTube tutorial I made for you.

Buttercream Flower Piping is Easy, really. The key factors to a pretty cake is;

  • A stable (and delicious) buttercream recipe
  • Colour combinations that work
  • And flower piping skills

We will learn how to pipe Roses, beautiful filler flowers and leaves on a pink floral cake. Let's get started!

Volume on in the video, as I have audio descriptions

What you need; Tools

  • 6 inch cake
  • Wilton 104 Petal nozzle
  • Wilton 125 Petal nozzle
  • Wilton 352 Leaf nozzle
  • Piping bags
  • Scissors
  • Cake Board
  • Flower nail
  • Flower lifter

This is a casual video I recorded on my mobile so it doesn't have the high quality of the Online School videos.

Hope you enjoyed the Buttercream Flower Piping - Mini Tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this design or cake decorating in general, feel free to ask me, email [email protected] :)

Much love,

Neetha x



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