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Heart Wreath Valentines Day Cake - Tutorial

Buttercream Heart Shaped Cake

Hello :)

Here is a quick video tutorial on how I made this Heart Wreath Valentines Day Cake.

It is a super simple project! Hope you like this one!

INSTRUCTIONS: What you need: Tools

  • 6" Cake
  • Wilton 2 writing nozzle
  • Wilton 102 petal nozzle
  • Piping bags
  • Scissors
  • Cake Board


  • Brown Buttercream (chocolate buttercream made with cocoa powder mixed with signature buttercream)
  • White Buttercream (Signature buttercream plus white gel colour)
  • Green Buttercream (Signature buttercream plus green gel colour)
  • Red Buttercream (Signature buttercream plus red, orange and pink gel colour with a dot of black)
  • Blue Buttercream (Signature buttercream plus blue gel colour)


  • Crumb coat and cover a 6 inch cake with white buttercream.
  • Using a cookie cutter or any circle shape, roughly mark three points on the cake top like a triangle. Use a cocktail stick to trace the heart design. If you find it hard to freehand draw, by all means, trace a heart shape on a greaseproof paper and transfer the design on the cake top using a cocktail stick. Ensure to freeze the cake before you trace the design with greaseproof paper so the smoothed buttercream stays intact.
  • Using a Wilton 2 writing nozzle and some chocolate buttercream, pipe twigs or branches to form the base of the wreath pattern.
  • Using Wilton 102 nozzle and green buttercream, pipe simple upright leaves. Place the nozzle perpendicular (upright) with the wider end of nozzle at the bottom and narrow end at the top, apply even pressure and squeeze buttercream out to form a simple leaf structure. Repeat all over the twigs.
  • Using Wilton 102 nozzle and red buttercream, pipe simple upright petals in pairs of two to form a floral effect.
  • Using Wilton 2 nozzle and blue buttercream, pipe three dots in between the design
  • Using Wilton 102 nozzle and white buttercream, pipe heart border. Place the nozzle upright in a slight angle with the wider end of nozzle at the top and narrow end at the bottom, apply even pressure and squeeze buttercream out in pairs of two to form a heart shaped structure. Repeat all around the cake.

This is a casual video I recorded on my mobile so it doesn't have the high quality of the Online School videos. Hope you enjoyed the Heart Wreath Valentines Day Cake - Tutorial.

If you have any questions regarding this design or cake decorating in general, feel free to ask me, email [email protected] :)

Much love,

Neetha x   


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