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Secret to making Delicious Black Buttercream

How to make Black Buttercream

❓ Have you ever struggled to make pitch Black Buttercream for your Cakes?

❓ Do you add a lot of Colour to Make Black Buttercream?

❓ Does a lot of black colour change the taste of your Buttercream?

✅ Read this blog and watch the Video to know How to make Black Buttercream that I use for my Cake Designs.

Let's get Started!

Watch the Video below

(Make sure you read the blog first before watching the video as there are useful tips in the blog)


Ingredients & Recipe for Black Buttercream Frosting


1. Prepare Buttercream Frosting: Start with a batch of prepared buttercream. You can use any basic buttercream recipe that's stable or your favourite buttercream recipe. In the video, we are using our Signature Buttercream which you can learn in our Online School. One handy tip is to ensure that the buttercream is at room temperature for easier mixing.

2. Sieve Cocoa Powder: Begin by sieving cocoa powder into your buttercream little by little. If the buttercream thickens, add a tsp of plain room temperature water. Aim for a dark coloured Chocolate buttercream. This will help to prepare black buttercream with minimal colour, and is absolutely delicious.

3. Mix Thoroughly: Mix the cocoa powder into the buttercream until it's fully incorporated and you achieve a smooth, dark chocolate buttercream. Be patient with this step to ensure the cocoa powder is evenly distributed throughout the frosting.

4. Add Black Gel/Oil based Food Colouring: Once you've achieved a smooth chocolate buttercream, it's time to add the black colouring. Use gel or oil-based black food colouing for the best results. These types of food colouring are more concentrated and will give you a deeper, more vibrant black colour without thinning out the buttercream too much.

5. Add Colour Gradually: Add the black food colouring to the buttercream a little at a time. Start with a small amount and gradually add more until you reach the desired shade of black. Remember, aim to use absolute minimal colour - we want our tasty Buttercream to be served!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial where we learned to make pitch black buttercream that's delicious without a lot of colour! Got questions, email me at [email protected]



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