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Valentines Day Buttercream Roses Cake Tutorial

Mini Roses Valentines Day Cake

This cute Valentines Day cake is super simple to do!

I have used a 6 inch double barrel cake (two cakes stacked on each other to make a tall cake). 

I have used our signature buttercream for covering the cake and piping blooms.

For the Roses, you would need a Wilton 104 nozzle (any nozzle in this shape would do) with Red buttercream (You can achieve bright red by mixing red, a tint of yellow to brighten and a dot of black to deepen the colour), Wilton 352 with Green buttercream for the leaves.

You can watch the mini tutorial here :)

(Turn on the volume as I have audio descriptions on)




On February 7, 8 and 9 

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