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Buttercream Painted Cake Tutorial

Buttercream Palette Knife Painted Cake

Here is a gorgeous yet super simple Buttercream Palette Knife Painted Tutorial for you to try. Buttercream Palette Knife painting is getting quite popular nowadays and use the techniques that you learn to create your own Unique Painted Cakes to stun your family and customers.

Even if you have never picked up a palette knife before, you can try this technique as its suitable for beginners too.

Watch the Video below

(Make sure you read the blog first before watching the video as there are useful tips in the blog)

Ingredients and Tools Required


1. Crumbcoat and Cover Your Cake using Buttercream:

Ensure you crumb coat the cake and cover it with a smooth layer of buttercream. I have used Black Coloured Buttercream to cover the cake. Watch the detailed video here on how to cover the cake with black buttercream >> Covering Cake with Black Buttercream 

2. Prepare Palette of colours using Buttercream:

  • Spread a thin layer of buttercream on an Artists Palette.
  • You can use different hues of blue (or any colour of your choice)

3. Paint Flowers with Palette Knives

  • Using a small artists palette knife pick up some buttercream that's spread on the palette. Smooth the buttercream, to get a nice amount of buttercream on the back of the palette knife
  • Place the palette knife loaded with buttercream flat on the cake, gently sliding it down and lifting it away from the cake to get a smoothly painted petal
  • Repeat the process in a circle to get the first layer of flower
  • Now you can paint the second layer of petals between the two petals you have painted
  • You can paint 2 or more layers of petals
  • Finish off the painted Buttercream flower by piping dots in the middle of the flower

4. Paint Buttercream Leaves

  • Using the exact same petal painting technique, paint green/yellow leaves adjacent to the flowers in a leaf like pattern
  • You can add more colourful petals with these leaves to create a striking visual impact

Hope you will try this Cake Design and do share your creations with me, [email protected]

Until next time,

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