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Cake Decorating Colour Combinations - Pink & Green - Design #2

Colour Combination - Pink & Green

Here's the second Episode of our Buttercream Colouring series - 'Colour Combinations' for Cake Designing featuring the delightful duo of Pink and Green.

It's not just about pink and green buttercream as a base; it's about the shades too! Today we are going to work with different shades of pink buttercream to create an entire different look.

Learn how to create a Buttercream Butterfly Cake.

Let's go

Hope you will try the Pink & Green Colour Combination on Cakes. I look forward to seeing your Cake Designs. 

Email me [email protected]

P.S - Check out 2 other Colour Combinations below where we are experimenting with different Buttercream Colour tones but using the same Base Colours




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