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Cake Decorating Colour Combinations - Pink & Green - Design #1

Colour Combinations  - Pink & Green

Colour Combinations play a HUGE part in Buttercream Cake Designs.

Colours do more than catch our eye—they make us feel things. In cakes, they create a mood and add a special touch to any celebration. 

We are exploring our Buttercream Colouring series - 'Colour Combinations' for Cake Designing starting with the delightful duo of Pink and Green. 

The Magic of Pink and Green
Our first stop is the timeless combo of pink and green. Pink Buttercream brings sweetness and love, while Green Buttercream adds freshness. Together, they create a gorgeous look, perfect for many occasions.

It's not just about pink and green buttercream frostings; it's about the shades too! Picture a cake with soft pink buttercream flowers on a mint green buttercream background or a cake with a mix of different shades of pink and green . The options are endless!

Here is our first design where you will learn;

🌸 How to create wavy buttercream top for the cake

🌸 How to pipe Ruffled - Pink Buttercream Flowers

🌸 How to pipe Lime Green Buttercream leaves

Let's go 😊 

I hope you will experiment with these Buttercream Colours combination and send me pictures of your Cake Design.

Email me [email protected]

P.S - Check out 2 other colour combinations below where we are experimenting with  different Buttercream Colour tones but using the same Base Colours >>



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