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5 Qualities of an Ethical Cake Baker 🧑‍🍳 👨‍🍳

5 Qualities of an Ethical Baker

"I love baking, I would love to sell my cakes!"

Every Home Baking Business is born with this simple thought but then the mounting tasks of running a food business leaves us overwhelmed. Sometimes, unintentionally we turn a blind eye to some of the most important Ethics a Cake Baker should follow.

In this blog post, I would like to share with you the top 5 Ethical Behaviours a Cake Baker should follow rigorously in order to retain loyal customers who will come back for your Cakes every single time!

1. Register as a Food Business - "Follow Proper Food and Hygiene Practices"

Registering as a food business ensures that you meet health and safety standards and thereby protecting both your customers and your business. You must check with your local council/government body on regulations about opening and maintaining a food business. Note - every country will have its own rules so the easiest way to find the rules & regulations in registering for a food business in your country is to "google" it!

Top Tip - Once you have registered and you are proving you are adhering to the food business regulations, this can be used to Market your business which is sure to bring in more New Customers for your Cakes.

2. Respect Your Competitors - "Don't Engage in Price Wars or Copy Designs"

Promoting fair competition and respecting the creativity and effort of other businesses is crucial. It encourages a healthy market environment and fosters positive relationships within the industry. Remember everyone has a place in the market and your customers will come to you if the products & service you offer as a Cake Business in unique. Embrace your uniqueness to attract the right customers

3. Quality Ingredients - "Bake as You Would for Your Family"

Emphasising the use of quality ingredients for your Cake reflects a commitment to providing a superior product. This principle aligns with your customer's expectations for freshness, taste, and nutritional value. So never ever compromise on the quality of the ingredients whenever you supply Cakes to a customer. Quality of your product & service will echo in the market and one bad review can hurt you & your business

4. Honest Marketing - "Claim Only What You Can Deliver"

Honesty in marketing builds trust with your customers. Clearly communicating the features of your Cakes, such as the use of organic ingredients and freshness, ensures that customers have accurate expectations and make sure you always deliver to what you have advertised in the first place.

5. Bake Your Own Cakes - "Avoid using Ready-made mixes or Pre-made cakes"

This is a key point that emphasises the authenticity and craftsmanship of your Cakes. When your customers are expecting a preservative free, home made treat it is unethical to use ready-made mixes or pre-made cakes that is compromising the quality that customers expect from a specialty cake baking business. 

Baking is one of the most fundamental and important skill you need to develop as a Cake Artist.

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